Business Owners Must Ensure Accuracy of Credentials

Every business on the Site with account privileges is expected to list their business credentials correctly. 

They must be accurate, and the business guarantees they are when they sign up for an account as they have read our disclaimers.

If a credential they post is not valid and is challenged by a consumer or us, then we flag the business and freeze the account.

Site Admin will place an Alert on that business profile which will remain permanently on our Site. There is no tolerance business profile for listing credentials like licensing, legal status etc. incorrectly.

Businesses must follow up yearly to ensure that what was placed on initial entry to the Site is still valid.

The following screenshot shows how the business updates their profile through their back-end management system.



Safe and Trusted Canada allows the consumer to make their decisions on the quality of the links as well as the quality of the content.  There is no interpretation nor does Safe and Trusted Canada endorse, validate, recommend or suggest a business.  We provide a system where the consumer sorts and selects businesses based on the criteria the consumer feels important to them.  

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The business may also be archived. See When We Archive a Business.  

Please Note That We Place the Following Content Into Every Profile.


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