Consumers and businesses need to understand that Safe and Trusted Canada is a neutral site and does not recommend or endorse any business. We ask consumers to protect their interests at all times.

Please see our Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Legal Disclaimers and Policies

Safe and Trusted Canada covers all of Canada.  See all the trade areas. 

The list shows each province.  When you click on the province it opens to
every trade area in the province listed on the Site.  Categories are listed in groups.  The reason for this is that businesses can easily ensure that they are selecting the proper categories for their business and consumers can easily compare similar groups of businesses. 

A business should select the primary category first and then the first subcategory in that primary to be properly indexed on our Site.

Jobs and Promotions are at the top of every trade area.   This is new to the Site.

All other categories are in alphabetical order. 

The other trade areas listed here are major population areas for that province.

All profiles are listed according to our Business Order of Display. 

Click on the primary category to see the subcategories. Subcategories in blue have content. 

Please note that the city search is different than the use of the search by city, phone number and category that the consumer can use at the front end of the website. 

Please see our Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Legal Disclaimers and Policies.

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The company may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.



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