What is Your Credentials Score?

The implementation of the Credentials Score is now in place for all businesses. 

Whenever we deal with a business in the future through account access, credentials will be part of the overall presentation of the business and will be one more part of giving consumers accurate information. 

The credentials score is the number generated to separate one business versus another.  Hotels and Restaurants will have a credentials score based on a composite review of review sites. 

The credentials score for all other businesses will be a point system based on what the business indicates in their Standard Credentials.  The Standard Credentials ask the business owner to establish their current credentials including licensing, legal requirements, advertised name registration, guarantee that credentials are accurate and that the business has a complaint system directly to the business owner.  The business receives 1 point for every applicable item. 

Years in business matter.  There are three options.  10 or more, 5 or more and 3 or more.  Select only one of the three options.   If you have under 3 years in business your allocation is zero points.  If you have 3 years in business your allocation is 1 point,  5 years in business allocate 2 points and 10 or more allocate 3 points. 

If the business is a contractor then the business owner checks off all the Contractor Credentials applicable to their business.  There are 14 possible areas that separate one contractor versus another.  1 point is awarded for everything checked off.  

There is a form included in the application where the owner can simply check off what applies to their business, or it can be completed with a phone call with the owner of the business. 

Remember the business needs to ensure whatever credentials they check off are accurate.  Alerts generation occurs for false credentials with archival happening one year afterward. 

The credentials score will now affect the business order of display in addition to the subscription type and date added to our database.  This will give great businesses, even more, an opportunity to shine on our database. 

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The company may also be archived.
See When We Archive a Business.


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