Consumers and businesses need to understand that Safe and Trusted Canada is a neutral site and does not recommend or endorse any business.  We ask consumers to protect their interests at all times. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Legal Disclaimers and Policies.

Protect Your Interests as a Consumer at all times. This video was made to ensure that consumers understand that Safe and Trusted Canada is a neutral site. The Site does not recommend, endorse or validate any business. Consumers can do that through reviews. Safe and Trusted Canada does not mediate issues between businesses and consumers.  The business may be removed at any time.  The reason for this video is to ensure that consumers check all the links, business credentials and then verify with the business owner that those business credentials are in fact correct.  Please report back to us if there are credentials marked that are not true. 

What is an Information Only Profile?  This video was made to ensure consumers understand that Safe and Trusted Canada develops profiles about businesses based on what consumers would readily see if they researched the business on their own. The consumer will find links to review sites, contact information, and much more. The business can have negative or positive reviews and as a neutral site Safe and Trusted Canada places the information into the profile.  The business can ask for archival at any time or they can ask for account access which is at no charge to the business.  Account access is limited depending on the history of the business. 

How We Handle Reviews?  This video was made so that consumers and businesses would understand how we handle reviews.  Consumers can leave reviews on any business provided they have been an actual customer of that business.  If the business has an Information Only profile they are unable to respond to the review or manage their reviews.  Businesses with accounts can manage all their reviews directly with their customers.  Businesses can ask for the deletion of negative reviews that have been handled successfully with the consumer.  The deletion of a review only occurs through admin staff with Safe and Trusted Canada. 

What is Business Credentials Score?  This video was developed to ensure consumers and businesses understand that a business can purchase a subscription but that their display in that subscription level is also dependent on their business credentials.  Business credentials are listed through the content management area. account management area.  A business is given a score from Safe and Trusted Canada admin staff based on the credentials listed. Hotels and Restaurants are given a score dependent on the ratings from review sites. 

The following video was made to ensure that consumers and businesses both
understand how businesses are displayed in our database.  The video clearly
articulates that subscription types, as well as credentials and start date of a current subscription all, determine placement in the database.


The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The company may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.


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