Consumers and businesses need to understand that Safe and Trusted Canada is a neutral site and does not recommend or endorse any business. We ask consumers to protect their interests at all times. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Legal Disclaimers and Policies.

Businesses that do not have an account are classified as Information Only Profiles.  There is no obligation for a business to remain on our Site.  Should an Information Only profile business not wish to be on our Site they can ask for archival and removal.  We work with the business owner for clarification through email and phone. 

A Business may apply for account status. This gives the business the ability to change content, approve reviews, add categories, add trade areas and list their business credentials.  A business that has an account has the responsibility to ensure that they do not approve reviews generated by those connected with the business.  They also must list their business credentials correctly. If they go out of business they must advise us to ensure archival and removal of business. 

Safe and Trusted Canada provides additional alerts for those businesses with account status. Business as an information only profile cannot apply for an account if they have an F-Rating with Better Business Bureau.  Business as an Information Only profile cannot apply for an account if it is shown that they are augmenting Google reviews written by the owner or their staff.  If the business develops this after they apply and receive account status, we will place an alert on the business. 

Businesses that have no credentials are not acceptable.  Our system is for legitimate businesses. 

Marketing representatives need authorization from the business owner to place a business on our Site as a free Basic Subscription.  We prefer the business owner to contact us directly and our staff will set up your business profile correctly for you at no charge.   Your business presentation matters.   If the marketing representative acts on behalf of the business our alerts apply to the business owner.  Business owners need to ensure their marketing representatives understand our guidelines and alerts. 

Our review system is different as all reviews from consumers are managed by the business owner.  In this way, the business owner can process the review and post it to their profile.  They also have the right to reject a review that is from someone who is not a customer of the business.  The business owner can ask for the deletion of a review where the customer and business have resolved an issue.  The customer can then leave another review for the business. 

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