Safe and Trusted Canada has produced countless videos.  Some are produced for consumers and others are produced for businesses.  We showcase our videos that
may apply to businesses should they seek account status on this website. 

The first video is standard for all consumers and businesses using this site.  Protect your interests at all times. 

The second video advises any business or consumer to use the Better Business Bureau as a consumer resource.  Check the business out, look at the complaint history and possible reviews about the business.  Who is the owner?   Is the business accredited?  How long have they been in business?

Cities and towns normally licensed businesses.  It varies from province to province and city to city.  The problems start when a city issues a license
to some businesses that are not legally registered in their province.  The
license can be used as a validation from the city in some categories as a 
source of misinformation or fraud.  A contractor working under some other business name that is not their name is possible in some cities and towns. 

Safe and Trusted Canada has increased transparency for consumers by
allowing links to other review sites for  Accommodations, Hotels, Auto, and
Contractors.  This will aid the consumer and also the business that has
good reviews on other sites. 

Safe and Trusted Canada is not a risk to any business. 

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