Guaranteed Views for Subscriptions

Our system guarantees traffic to your profile if you have a premium subscription and a website Safe and  Trusted Logo

Please note the Site is not able to guarantee views if you do not have a website or if you are not active in marketing your business by asking customers for reviews.

You will be able to find the embedded code in your content management area.  You have the link in your live business profile that you can send to all your customers.  

Traffic to your profile increases if you have the following 

There will be areas in Canada where the Site will be new and less known.  We want to ensure value in our premium subscriptions.  Failure to meet the number of views extends additional time to the subscription. 

For those subscriptions paid monthly, the same guarantee applies. Suspension of payments occurs after 12 months. 

The view is not an impression; the user must open the business.  The bottom line is that your business receives value for the investment. This could extend your yearly subscription to 2 or more years depending on your business category, location and subscription type.   The required number of views are as follows: 

 Plus     100    Standard   200    Advanced     300   Professional  400 views

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The business may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.

See YouTube Video Protect Your Interests as a Consumer


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