Using Links In Your Business Presentation

Links to the business website, their review sites and social media is standard at all levels of subscription types on Safe and Trusted Canada.  The links automatically redirect to the proper review site or social media profile. 

Safe and Trusted Canada allows other links to occur that may point to certain parts of your business website for all our paid subscriptions.  Place the content and then a link to the content into your profile.  The content and the link will both show up and the user can determine if they wish to go place the link into their browser.  The link will not automatically shorten unless the subscription is a Professional Subscription.   All Professional Subscriptions receive more assistance in the management of their profile. 

Safe and Trusted Canada provides ongoing services to every business with paid subscription status.    We recommend that you use this service and get your subscription correct by having us do your listing for you at no cost. 

This includes links to your affiliations or key parts of your website.  

Safe and Trusted Canada recommends that linking be used sparingly if at all.  

As far as linking to certain parts of your website we want to remind businesses that words can be indexed whereas links cannot.  Links change if your website changes and then this will also ruin your presentation.  Links to an unauthorized website could cancel your subscription immediately and as a Site, we do not wish to see that happen.  Mistakes can occur especially if your representative is unsure of what they are doing.  

If you as a business owner place links into your profile, and they are incorrect or point to questionable links then you are fully accountable for your content.  This could also result in legal action against your business and as a result, would recommend that you use our free services and get it done right.  Simply send us an email at 

 The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The company may also be archived.
See When We Archive a Business.


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