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9-1100 7th Avenue North
Saskatchewan, S7K 2V9
Phone: 306.384.9288
Fax: 306-384-9289
Contact: Dave Anderchek

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Platinum Homes Plus Inc.

(In business since 2009)


Dave Anderchek established Platinum Homes Plus Incorporated in 2009 because of the strong demand for his construction services.
Dave Anderchek has been doing major home and commercial renovations in the city of Saskatoon since 1980 and in 2001, he transformed his passion of construction into his own successful renovation company.
He and his renovation company have become very well known are recognized as experts in construction whose customer base stems mostly from referrals.
When potential clients were in the market to build new Saskatoon homes, they wanted a familiar professional they could trust to manage the construction of their investments.
After frequent requests and inquiries, Dave finally said “Why not? Let’s do it!”
Platinum Homes Plus Incorporated also serves as a comparable alternative for renovation clientele with very extensive “renovation wish lists”.
When you compare the cost of a major renovation to the cost of demolishing your existing home and building on the property you already own, the pros often outweigh the cons.
Since every renovation is a new unique custom design, we very much enjoy building new unique custom homes!


Required Licensing for our trade area and category is currently in place
Legal Requirements for our trade area and category is currently in place
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10 or more years in business
Our business guarantees all credentials listed in our profile is accurate
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Contractor Credentials

Liability Insurance is currently in place
Worker's compensation requirements are fully met
Will supply proof of credentials to clients if needed
Will supply testimonials and customer references if needed
Will supply images of workmanship of past projects
Will supply free quotes in writing
Will give supplier references to protect consumer from liens
We work primarily with our own employees
We primarily subcontract everything out to other contractors we trust
All our sub trades are licensed, legal and insured
Will work with written contracts to protect business and consumer
Contracts detail deposits and progress payments
Will provide written warranty for consumer on workmanship


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Saskatchewan Saskatoon


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