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#1 320 S Industrial Dr
Prince Albert
Saskatchewan, S6V 7L8
Phone: 306.922.1075
Cell: 306.961.9998
Toll-Free: 1.866.933.1075
Fax: 306.764.0026

Contact: Wayne Manchur

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Manchur Pools and Spas

(In business since 1984)

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Serving North Central Saskatchewan for over 25 years in the swimming pool and hot tub industry. Sales, service and installation of pools and hot tubs. We carry a wide range of tubs, covers, cover lifts, pumps, filters, heaters and chemicals. We also stock most repair parts.

Business Detail

Swimming pools and Hot Tubs Sales, service and installation. Inventory of hot tubs, tub covers, cover lifts, pumps, filters, heaters and chemicals. We deal with above-ground pools and spas. We have been in business since 1989 and can offer a wealth of information to people seeking their first hot tub.

Our Ideal Client

People who are interested in family recreation or people looking for the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub and the aquatic exercise that comes with the ownership of a swimming pool. PA Now indicated the following about Manchur Pools and Spas.

For more than 30 years, Manchur Pools & Spas has been THE place to go to for all your pool and spa desires. From the right chemicals to use, to the proper temperature and the right ph. balance, Manchur has the knowledge you need and the products and service you want.

Since 1984, Manchur Pools & Spas has been educating customers about the proper care of their swimming pools and hot tubs. The company markets the Sunrise brand of products, which offers a range of quality products to meet your needs. Sunrise Spas are the “Spa Of Choice” for Mike Holmes of Holmes Approved Homes.

Owner Wayne Manchur stocks a large variety of replacement parts, heaters, motors and pool and hot tub chemicals, meaning you won’t have to wait for the supplies you need. Not only can Manchur help you find the right products, but the company can service or repair virtually any make or model.

Manchur operates Manchur Pools & Spa with his wife, Lois. Originally from Watson, Wayne came to Prince Albert in 1980. Working in custom cabinetry at the time, he saw a need for a local pool and spa supply expert, and travelled to New Orleans in the United States to get certified as a dealer.

What Makes Us Different

See the following link

We are the only dealer in Saskatchewan for Sunrise Spas. See their website


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Hot Tubs Sales and Service, Accessories, Chemicals and Filters, Filter Cartridges, Hot Tub Maintenance, Hydrotherapy Tubs, Installations, Parts, Pumps, Replacement Covers, Safety Covers, Solar Blankets, UV Light Systems, Vacuum Equipment, Water Testing, Winterizing


Saskatchewan Arborfield, Big River, Birch Hills, Bjorkdale, Blaine Lake, Candle Lake, Canwood, Carrot River, Chitek Lake, Choiceland, Christopher Lake, Creighton, Cudworth, Cumberland House, Debden, Duck Lake, Elk Ridge, Hudson Bay, Kinistino, Laird, La Ronge, Leask, Leoville, Melfort, Nipawin, Prince Albert, Rosthern, Sandy Bay, Shellbrook, Smeaton, Spalding, Star City, St. Brieux, St. Louis, Tisdale, Wakaw, Waskesiu Lake, Whitefox, Zenon Park

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