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1912 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1J4
Ontario, M4C 1J4
Phone: 416 752-0084

Contact: Mark Anderson

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Smart Contact Manager

(In business since 2010)


Smart Contact Manager has been on the software market since 2010 and has already created a lot of cool programs. One of them is the Smart Contact Manager, which has the same name, for migrating contact information in Google Mail. Smart Contact Manager is a company that has developed a dedicated application for this purpose. We work to improve business processes and we are very good at it!

Business Detail

Smart Contact Manager was created by IT specialists. The team consists of highly qualified developers and designers. Our priorities are Internet sites and software development.

Experts believe that an effective website is one of the most important conditions for business prosperity in the modern stage of business development. As a first-class marketing tool site should be made as qualitatively as possible, and it is possible only if highly specialized professionals are involved in the work on it. Smart Contact Manager employs programmers and designers, each of whom knows that the smallest detail in their work invariably affects the overall result. Therefore, the overall result is always harmonious and in each case is 'just the way it should be'.

The correct approach to information management and optimization of business processes is the key to success of every modern company, and it is in this area of activity our specialists can offer you their help. In work with each client our company's activity, first of all, is aimed at finding the most beautiful and effective solutions for the automation of your business, personnel management and correct building of information flows. Experienced specialists of our company will describe and analyze your business processes and can offer you optimum solution for automation of planning and project management system of your enterprise.

Why us?

1. At times when there is a shortage of technical specialists, we take a part of your tasks on our own.
2. We save you the trouble of finding additional technical staff, particularly for temporary projects
3 We promptly solve your tasks
4. We relieve you from administrative issues on team management in the projects assigned to us
5. We always strive for optimal price/quality ratio

Our advantage is the high qualification of our employees, who use the whole arsenal of modern information systems and technologies in the field of development, design and automation of programs.

Our work is aimed at the result! We will consider it a success when the use of our sites and software will raise the competitiveness of your company and increase its efficiency and profitability.

In conclusion, a few words

Smart Contact Manager is a team of experienced professionals, for whom custom software development is not just a source of income, but an activity in which every team member is interested, which motivates us to constantly develop, improve and perfect our products. We are happy to present our company and our products on Safeandtrusted. We hope that all interested people will benefit from it.


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