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Guru Restoration

(In business since 2009)


If you have flooded your apartment and need emergency help removing the consequences of flooding, the best solution is to contact a company that provides such a service. To get your home repaired quickly, contact Guru Restoration. We have been working throughout Toronto and the GTA since 2009. We have extensive experience in these matters. It can be difficult to renovate a home on your own, but we know our business very well and our prices are very reasonable.

Business Detail

For fast home repair after a flood, mold, mildew and asbestos removal, contact Guru Restoration. We have been working throughout Toronto and the GTA since 2009. We provide a warranty on our work, you are sure to be pleased with the quality.

If anyone has experienced such a nuisance, they definitely know that cleaning up after a flood is not the most pleasant thing to do. Agree that a flood causes serious damage to the owner of the premises. Often we have to change not only the damaged furniture and appliances, but also to make repairs, sometimes major, which entails a lot of money. But before you start to equip the damaged room, it is necessary to return it to its original appearance, to remove debris. And it should be done as quickly as possible, because everyone knows what happens to wet things that linger - they begin to be covered with mold, rotten.

Guru Restoration provides quick cleanup after a flood in any type of room. We guarantee you the best result and offer a wide range of services for a clean and cozy home.

Comprehensive apartment cleaning after a flood

Any type of cleaning requires thorough preparation and knowledge of the algorithm of its implementation. All this is necessary in order to effectively and quickly tidy up the room and not to suffer more losses. How is the cleaning after the flood carried out with our company?

- Emergency removal of water with the help of specialized equipment.
- Dirt, sewage and drainage water is removed.
- The room is disinfected using chemicals safe for people and animals.
- Complete drying of the room with heat guns.
- Carpets are dried and restored.
- Unpleasant smells are removed.
- Garbage is picked up and taken out.

Cleaning of the premises after the flood.

Such an unpleasant event as a deluge can occur not only in residential buildings, but also in office premises, which is undoubtedly a major loss for any company. It is therefore necessary to contact the cleaning company as soon as possible in order to save the equipment, furniture, interior items and important documents.

When working we use only specialized professional equipment, which allows achieving the best result. We do not disguise, we clean for real. Regardless of the size of the room, we use all the same methods of cleaning as we do in small apartments. For example, cleaning a hotel room after a flood includes the following means:

- Special pumps to dehumidify the room.
- Vacuum cleaner, mop, brush, with the help of which the debris is removed.
- Disinfectants and devices that can remove even ingrained dirt.
- Antimould treatment.

Guru Restoration cleaning company works around the clock, so we are ready to go on a call as soon as you call. Remember that the more time passes after the flood, the harder it will be to restore the room. Don't delay in ordering our services, and call immediately after the incident.

The work is performed by experienced employees using professional tools and equipment:

1. 100% turnkey cleaning of the whole room
Payment for the result without upfront fees and overpayments
3. Professional selection of chemicals and equipment for all types of surfaces

Why are we here?

On Ssafeandtrusted we have introduced our company for business development. We hope that we can be of service to even more customers. We have a very qualified staff and do a good job. We will be happy to assist new customers.


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