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Safe and Trusted Canada offers Request  Equote to consumers. In this video, we will be using the demo account Test us Out to show you how it works. 

Businesses with premium subscriptions become eligible to receive requests from consumers who wish to gather quotes from several businesses at one time. without making a phone call.   

A premium subscription includes Professional, Advanced and Standard Subscriptions.  A business may choose to opt out of Request Equote at any time by managing this through their account access. 

This benefit allows the consumer to ask for quotes from up to 10 businesses at one time.  This saves the consumer time and money and is only done after the consumer has listed the credentials they are looking for in hiring a business in the first place.   

The consumer can select up to 10 businesses if available and places their email contact into the form as well as their phone number, first and last name.   The consumer adds content to give the business more information as to what they are requesting.  EG. Roofing quote for 1000 square foot house.  Looking for a quote from a business that provides total cleanup and hauling of debris away as part of the overall price.   

Admin contacts the consumer to ensure that they are a viable lead or that our Site can provide assistance.   The businesses on our Site will have generally more qualifications, credentials, and history than other sites where there is no system of sort and selection involved. 

The business seen first in the database has a greater opportunity to receive requests.  This is a great lead system for the business as well as saving time for the consumer.

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The company may also be archived.
See When We Archive a Business.


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