No Risk to the Business Owner

Safe and Trusted Canada understands that every business owner worries about being in any business directory that may impact their business.

There is no risk to business with or from Safe and Trusted Canada.  If the business has an information-only profile on Safe and Trusted Canada, the business owner can ask for archival at any time.

Information profiles contain links to your website, social media, and other review sites that are already available to the consumer.  We include your contact data and other information available to consumers in one profile.  It is as if the consumer did the research, and of course, we will be happy to update your information if there are changes.  Archival of the business occurs if the business is no longer in operation.  The business owner can contact us, and we are more than happy to inform the Better Business Bureau and Google that your business is no longer in operation. They can contact you directly if required.

What is an Information Only Profile

Account Holders can add unlimited content to their business profile. The business owner has an enormous opportunity to add what may be missing on their current website, and it is a positive way to increase traffic for the business.  Since the owner provides the content or authorizes our Admin to take current content provided by the business website, there can be no risk to the business owner.  The business moves to an information-only profile if the business no longer has account access.

There are only three key areas of concern, but they will not affect legitimate business owners.  a) the business owner places credentials into their profile they do not possess, b) the business owner posts reviews about their business from staff or people connected with the business, and c) the business is no longer in operation.  In all three cases, we place an alert on the business profile for one year.

See Alerts. 

Account Holders control the review process.  They must agree that the customer giving the review is, in fact, their customer.  They can post a review, respond to a review or reject a  review and deal with the client in private.  The business has unlimited opportunities to get as much feedback as possible and handle issues promptly while posting reviews immediately when you and your staff have done well.   The business cannot post reviews that are paid or that are directly connected to the business in any way.

Account Holders can place their business credentials into their profile, and users can sort and select companies based on the credentials that the consumer is seeking. The user will check the credentials that the company places in their profile.   For example, if you stated you are licensed and legal, and you were not, your business may be flagged with an alert for one year.  Safe and Trusted Canada does not cause the alert to occur; it is the business owner placing content in their listing that is not true. The business will move to an Information Only profile and then will be archived.  Safe and Trusted Canada has to protect the credibility of the website as well.

The Site provides a free Basic Account to most businesses that are seeking customers and want to expand and grow their business.  We do not refund payments because we provide a Basic Account at no charge, and we see this as a trial account option before embarking on a higher account status.  

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The business may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.


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