How Does Our Credentials Platform Work With Account Access?

Safe and Trusted Canda gives a platform for businesses to advertise, market and grow their business.

The Site will not approve account status for businesses with poor ratings in general or if the business has an F-Rating with Better Business Bureau.

The consumer decides on the credentials they want in the business and whether or not the reviews on the business from this site or other sites warrant further contact. 

There are many government and city rules regarding licensing and legal requirements. The enforcement of those licenses and laws belongs to governments and cities.  

As the database is public, government agencies are welcome to use our database to contact business owners at any time if their records indicate that the business is missing certain factors.   

Every province is different, every city and town are different not only in what is required but what in fact is enforced.  

Consumers can use our search functions to filter their requests. Businesses are penalized if they list credentials they do not possess.  A business that lists credentials they cannot support if challenged will have an alert put on their profile.

See Alerts 

Safe and Trusted Canada advises the consumer to seek as many credentials as possible in shortlisting businesses that they may wish to use.  See the links for more information. 

What are the requirements for my province?   

What do we tell Consumers?  

Look for Years in Business.  

Is Advertised Name of Business Properly Registered?  

Look for Contractors That Carry Worker's Comp and Liability Insurance. 

If you are a regular business we suggest that you look to gain trust with consumers by having at least the following credentials.  If you are a new business then you can start and add credentials as you achieve those elements.  Do not add business credentials you do not have.  Click onto the image to expand if necessary.  See below.     


If you are a contractor,  place the regular credentials as a business as well as those you have as a contractor above.  If you do not have all the criteria in place, you can add it as you obtain it.  Click onto the image to expand. Do not add any credentials you do not have. 

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The business may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.

See YouTube Video Protect Your Interests as a Consumer


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