Is Advertised Name of Business Accurate?

iStock_000004885597_MediumA business that registers one name and advertises as another confuses the consumer and may be in a violation of provincial laws.

A good test for clarification is that if you as a business could not become accredited with Better Business Bureau because of your name, that usually means something is wrong.

As a business, your advertised name is not pointing people to a domain and using that domain as your advertised name. It does not meet policy and can lead to lawsuits from other companies who have legally registered the name.

As a business owner, the very last thing you want to do is advertise as a name that you cannot legally use.  Why would you want to spend money on websites, and other advertising only to have to shut down and restart the whole process all over again?

There are cases where the business owner has bought the rights to a franchise. The franchise is registered or trademarked, and the business owner cannot register the name. Their advertised name is already in place.

A person may display their personal name but cannot have any other words associated with it according to registration branches.  Some professional designations are allowed.  Contact the corporation's registry for your province. 

Registration of your business name is important.   Get it done as soon as possible. Sometimes as a new business, you may have delays or may have thought it was registered because you have a Business number with Canada Revenue.  It is one the key components that consumers may look at to ensure that you plan to stay in business.  

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