What is a Standard Subscription?

Safe and Trusted Canada ( The Site) provides the option for The Standard Subscription for $199.00 plus GST for a yearly subscription.  Monthly subscriptions are 18.58 plus GST.  Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled with 60 days' notice. The daily investment if paid yearly not including tax is $0.54. 

There are no refunds for paid accounts as The Site gives the Basic Account at no charge for evaluation purposes of our Site Content Management System.

This account type provides the account holder with access to place up to 30 subcategories into their profile.  The account holder has the ability to place that profile in up to 10 trade areas adjacent to the business location.  In addition, the business can add up to 1 PDF documents, 6 images and embed up to 1 YouTube videos in their business profile

The business has an option to double their trade areas for their subscription level for a yearly amount of $99.00 plus GST or a monthly amount of $8.25 plus GST.  

Every View is measured for the Business Owner.  See More

The business is in the third tier of the database.  Display of the business occurs above Information Only Profiles, Basic Subscriptions, Plus Subscriptions and any others who may have signed up for the Standard Subscription after your business in your region or categories.   The  Standard Subscription is listed in the database according to our Business Order of Display. 

Your subscription also gives your business video opportunities for just 249.00 per video plus taxes. Making an announcement about your business just got easier.  Safe and Trusted Canada has minimal advertising that we produced the video and we provide a link to your business that allows you to place the video in all your advertising.  Want more than just a link?  We have other options.  Drive your business faster. 

Do you want a video that you own outright without advertising?  This option might be an option for your business.  A 60-second video for a Standard subscription is $449.00 plus taxes.  

 The video made for your business will be done by our skilled on-camera narrators.   Custom graphic videos are more involved and your investment will be according to the project presented.  See some examples of graphic videos we have done.   See more.

All our account types are for legitimate businesses.  Your business needs to be registered and licensed and cannot have known issues readily apparent to consumers.    Businesses applying for all subscription types have to be approved by Safe and Trusted Canada taking into consideration years in business and their overall business record.   See other Subscription Types.

Safe and Trusted Canada is looking for businesses that have an advertised name that is registered, as well as meeting licensing requirements for the physical trade area of the business.  Years in business matters on our website.  We are looking for businesses that can clearly articulate that in their credentials in the content management area provided in account access. 

In addition to the Business credentials if you are contractor  The Site allows the contractor to indicate that they have liability insurance, worker's compensation, and warranties in writing.   We are looking for businesses that can clearly articulate that in their credentials in the content management area provided in account access. 

The business agrees that Safe and Trusted Canada can use data from your business website with your permission to enhance your profile for your listing.  Our staff develop a profile based on your website and other internet content.  Safe and Trusted Canada will assign your selected company representative or representatives with account privileges to control and manage your listing.  All we need is an email from the owner of the company to set this up for you at no charge.  

We will now also send only to the business owner a reputation report at no charge so that you have a better idea of all the mentions, review sites, and social media mentions about your business. This is at no charge for the Standard Subscription.  This will give you an independent review and you may wish to purchase a yearly option at just $39.00 per month.   See More 

The business agrees that Safe and Trusted Canada can use data from your business website to enhance your profile for your listing.  The business owner agrees that they will receive emails from Safe and Trusted Canada regarding customer reviews, instructions, updates and monthly newsletters. See your content management system for your business in the video below.

See our Video Tutorials. 

As with all subscriptions, the company must be responsible and accountable.  Business owners with subscriptions must ensure the accuracy of credentials in their profile. The business owner can ask all the customers for reviews, post the reviews and handle issues in private.  The business owner must ensure that they do not post reviews from anyone connected with their company. 

See Alerts. 

Some business categories are not part of the Site.  Our current category options are the same in every city and town.   See Saskatoon as an example. The Site is currently expanding. See other areas. 

How are reviews Processed? 

 See Features and Benefits. 

Businesses can use the online process Sign up today.  or use the SAT Application

As a reminder, there are no refunds for any premium subscriptions. The reason is that we provide the Basic Subscription at no charge which gives the business owner significant insight about the Site before they purchase any paid subscription. If in doubt use the monthly payment options which can be cancelled with 60 days notice.   See other options for your business.

Companies with accounts have access to their measured views.  The measured views are secured in the content management pages for the business and are not displayed for public view. See More   

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The business may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.


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