What is a Basic Subscription?

See a YouTube Video about this account type. 

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Safe and Trusted Canada ( The Site) provides the option for The Basic  Subscription at no cost. The business may be removed at the request of the business or by Site Admin for violation of our Site policies.   

The business agrees that Safe and Trusted Canada can use data from your business website to enhance your profile for your listing.  The business owner agrees that they will receive emails from Safe and Trusted Canada regarding customer reviews, instructions, updates and monthly newsletters.

As with all subscriptions, the company must be responsible and accountable.  Business owners with subscriptions must ensure the accuracy of credentials in their profile. The business owner can ask can ask all the customers for reviews, post the reviews and handle issues in private.  The business owner must ensure that they do not post reviews from anyone connected with their company. 

The Site does not offer account options to all businesses.  Some business categories are not part of The Site.  The Site is currently expanding. See our current listings. 

 See Alerts.        How are reviews Processed?   See Features and Benefits. 

Businesses can use the online process Sign up today.  or use the  Safe & Trusted Application

There are no refunds for any premium subscriptions. The reason is that we provide the Basic Subscription at no charge which gives the business owner significant insight about the Site before they purchase any paid subscription.

What credentials are needed for account access? 

What are the requirements for my province?   

The business is in the fifth tier of the database.  Display of the business occurs above Information Only Profiles. The business will be seen according to the subscription date of the business in this tier level.  See order of display.

See Custom Video Possibilities.   See video possibilities.

Companies with accounts have access to their measured views.  The measured views are secured in the content management pages for the business and are not displayed for public view. See More   

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The business may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.

See YouTube Video Protect Your Interests as a Consumer


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