What is an Information Only Profile?

Safe and Trusted Canada (The Site) provides information to consumers about businesses through an Information Only profile.

Businesses applying for all subscription types have to be approved by Safe and Trusted Canada, considering years in business and their overall business record.   See other Subscription Types.

See application.  Credibility Starts Here

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Information Only profiles produce a business profile based on what consumers would readily find about the company on the internet.  Account-holders can manage their complete profile.  

See how to manage your business profile.

It may include contact data for the company and links to social media and review sites containing the business profile if available.


Safe and Trusted Canada, "The Site" now allows reviews from consumers.  Information Only profiles do not have the ability to respond or post reviews because they have account status.  This will give the consumer information that may not be available unless the business takes out an account.   


Users have the responsibility to view all the links, ratings, and reviews. The review sites can be positive or negative.   See the Better Business Links if they are available.  The links can change at any time.  The business as an Information Only profile is as it is highlighted " Information Only." 

Information Only profiles can ask for archival of their listing if they are no longer in business.  If Google and Better Business Business Bureau have the business as closed, we will also archive and remove it.  They can also ask for removal as they own their business information.  Safe and Trusted Canada is a neutral site. 

As a business,  if your Information Only Profile needs updating, the company can contact The Site.  There is no obligation for you to apply for an account, but suggest this as an option to grow your business further at no cost.  If you are out of business, please advise so that the site admin can archive your profile. 


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