What Causes an Alert About A Business?

Alerts for Information Only Profiles apply as follows.  

An Information-Only profile will have a temporary alert placed on the business if it asks for removal or has gone out of business as an Information-Only profile.

The alert is placed on the business, which will be archived at the same time we place the alert.  The Site will keep the company in our database as archived and not visible.  Pending Google's update of our site, it may still show up on Google for a short period of time.

A company that has an Information Only profile can ask to have an account and the ability to update their business information through their account-protected username and password.


Alerts for Account Holders occur when a company has violated the Site significantly.    Account holders may have an alert for the following three reasons. 

a)  The Account Holder has placed credentials into their profile that they do not have.  The company has committed a major violation of our Site policies and affected the Site's credibility and all businesses on the Site.  If they do, the company has violated our Site policies significantly. It results in retention on the Site with an Alert Status as an Information Only Profile for one year before archival from the Site. This issue is completely avoidable by the business owner.

b)  Account holders can opt out of reviews.   Consumers can leave reviews about their business on the Safe and Trusted Canada site.  A consumer cannot leave a review if the business has opted out of reviews.   If the business opts into receiving reviews on the Safe and Trusted Site , then the  business is cautioned not to approve reviews directly or indirectly from staff, employees or those connected with the company.   If they do, the company has violated our Site policies significantly. It results in retention on the Site with an Alert Status as an Information Only profile for one year before archival from the Site.  Please note that a company has a choice not to handle reviews by not opting out of reviews from their account.  This then would eliminate this issue entirely. 

c) The account holder has gone out of business.

d) The Alert is placed on the business for one year.  After one year, the company is archived and no longer visible.

What we have often found is that the business owner has a marketing agency looking for increase their search engine optimization for the business.  The marketing agency has no great knowledge of the business or contractor credentials as a result this becomes a liability to the business.

This is why we prefer to deal with the business owner at all times to ensure they understand the purpose of the site and what makes us different from other providers.    The site will work directly with any business owner to ensure everything is accurate and more importantly complete to attract consumers to their business.

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The company may also be archived.
See When We Archive a Business.


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