Business Order of Display

The display order affects how the consumer views businesses on this website.

The display order is not a factor if the company uses the Safe and Trusted logo and code on its business website.  Using the logo and code provided gives a direct link from the company to the profile on Safe and Trusted and bypasses our order of display.

The display order is not a factor where a consumer uses the Credentials Search function of the website, as consumers may be looking for credentials that will impact the display order.  For example, if they are looking for businesses that have been in business for ten years or more, that will significantly affect the view.

All subscriptions are at different levels.  The start date of the subscription of the business determines placement.

The consumer can view the business and contractor credentials offered by that business and make their decisions from there.

Is the Advertised Name registered? Is the business licensed for the business category and city or town? How many years they have been in business is also a factor.  You must guarantee that the listed business credentials are correct if you are a business owner.   Your credentials can be viewed and searched by consumers. The Site will not score or validate the credentials.

If you are a contractor, in addition to the above, do you carry worker's compensation and liability insurance and do you provide written contracts and warranty? So, in addition to the subscription level, contractor credentials provide the consumer with the separation needed between one business and another. A business must guarantee that the listed contractor's credentials are accurate.  Your credentials can be viewed and searched by consumers. The Site will not score or validate the credentials.

The credential score for hotels and restaurants is the composite review done by Safe and Trusted Canada. All the review sites form the composite review, and that average is the credentials score for that business.   The composite review may be available to the consumer if it is completed.  Hotels and Restaurants will retain their scores because this is an average of all review sites for Information Only profiles.  Their score is not a factor when they have account status.  Consumers of course, will see the different review sites and make their own decisions.

In all cases, consumers will evaluate and make their own decisions.

If the company moves from a Professional Subscription to a Basic Subscription, the company loses their subscription level and does not retain the date of its initial signup.

Consumers can refine their search by viewing the external review sites of the business as well as reviews generated on Safe and Trusted Canada.

Tier 1 - Professional - See Professional Subscription
Tier 2-  Advanced -  See Advanced Subscription
Tier 3-  Standard - See Standard Subscription
Tier 4 - Plus  - See Plus Subscription
Tier 5 - Basic - See Basic Subscription
Tier 6 - Information Only -See Information Only

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The business may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.


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