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Consumers use review sites as a way to determine credibility.  Businesses use review sites to illustrate that credibility to consumers.   Information profiles will show review sites in the listing profile.

Once business owners have an account, they control review sites, except for Google and Better Business Bureau.   The following review sites may be listed for a business profile.   Some rating review sites are available for several different categories.   Please note - If a rating site asks us to delete their review site, it will be done on request forever.   We will publish that to consumers.

Businesses may apply for account status.  See all Subscription Types

Not all businesses qualify for an account. Features and Benefits.

We look for businesses with credentials. Business Credentials

Automatically Available to Consumer. - BBB and Google.

The following are review sites we may link to for information-only profiles.  The business with an account takes control of other review sites except BBB and Google.

Hotel Industry -  Agoda - - Expedia - - - Kayak - Orbitz -Priceline - Travel Advisor - Trip Advisor - Travelocity-  Wedding Wire, Yellow Pages and  Yelp.

Restaurant Industry  - Food Locate - Four Square - -Open Table - - - Zomato

Contractor Industry - Alignable - Angie's List- Guild Quality- HomeStars
- Trusted Pros- Houzz-

Car Industry - Auto - Beep for Service - Car Gurus -
Dealer - Hey Auto

Other Review Sites - - Demand Force - Glass Door- Helped By
Indeed - Massage Book - - Rank my - Rate a biz - - - Trust Analytica -

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The company may also be archived.
See When We Archive a Business.


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