How to Manage Trade Areas

The first thing to remind you is that the number of business trade areas is determined by your subscription type.  Our system allows the following.  Please note that Accommodations, Hotels, Food, and Restaurants automatically are generated with the maximum number of trade areas at every subscription level. 

Basic Subscription  - 1 Trade Area 
Plus Subscription - 1 Trade Area 
Standard Subscription - 5 Trade Areas
Advanced Subscription - 10 Trade Areas 
Professional Subscription - 20 Trade Areas. 

Each province has major trade areas. Each major trade area may have other cities as secondary cities in a major trade area.  Towns follow with each town listed alphabetically in a major and secondary trade area.   Each entry will have a PDF of all the trade areas of the province with a listing displaying a hotel from that trade area.  Remember a trade area may encompass other cities and towns. 

This video is about managing your trade areas for your business profile.   

We will use the profile Test Us Out as a demo account to ensure that understand the content management system. 

The third tab is the Regions Tab 



British Columbia has three major trade areas.   There are the lower mainland, the island, and interior British Columbia.   The Island has two major trade areas of Victora and Nanaimo.  Vancouver is the largest city on the lower mainland.   Kelowna is the largest city in the interior.  Other trade areas in the interior are Kamloops, Prince George, Fort St. John,  Cranbook, Salmon Arm, and Prince Rupert.  British Columbia Trade Areas

Vancouver    Victoria   Nanaimo     Kelowna

Kamloops     Prince George     Fort  St. John     

Cranbrook     Salmon Arm    Prince Rupert

Alberta has two major trade areas.   They are Northern and Southern Alberta. 
Calgary and Edmonton are the major cities in Alberta.  The southern area of Calgary is displayed first with secondary areas of Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.  Edmonton is the next major trade area and has the secondary trade areas of Red Deer, Grande Prairie, and Lloydminster.  Alberta Trade Areas

Calgary     Lethbridge  Medicine Hat

Edmonton  Red Deer   Grande Prairie  Lloydminster 

Saskatchewan has two major trade areas.  They are Northern and Southern Saskatchewan.  Saskatoon and Regina are the major cities in Saskatchewan.
The northern area is shown first because Saskatoon is the largest trade area in the province.  The North as secondary trade areas of Prince Albert and North Battleford.  Regina is the next major trade area and has the secondary trade areas of Yorkton and Swift Current.  Saskatchewan Trade Areas

Manitoba has one major trade area.  The major city is Winnipeg.  MB Areas

Ontario has many major trade areas and high population areas.   Our staff is continuing to work on trade areas for this province.  Currently, we have listed the cities of Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Chatham-Kent, and Windsor as main areas.  Trade areas will be updated further for this province.  ON Areas

Quebec has many major trade areas and high population areas.  Currently, we have listed the cities of Montreal, Québec, Gatineau, Sherbrook, Sagnuenay, Trois-Rivières and several others. QC Areas

New Brunswick has the major trade areas of Moncton and Saint John. NB Areas

Nova Scotia has the major trade area of Halifax. NS Area

Prince Edward Island has the major trade area of Charlottetown.  PE Areas

Newfoundland and Labrador have the major trade of  St. John's.  NL Areas

Northwest Territories has the major trade area of Yellowknife.  NT Areas

Yukon has the major trade area of Whitehorse. YT Areas

Nunavut has the major trade area of Iqaluit. NU Areas




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