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As a business owner, you can list your hotel at no charge with a free basic subscription.  You can also apply for other subscription types to augment your business display on Safe and Trusted Canada.

See the application.  Credibility Counts

We don't take everyone.  Credibility Questions and Links

Here are the current primary categories.  Remember, each primary category opens up to many subcategories.  Accommodation and Restaurant Categories

See the Canadian Trade Areas 

Safe and Trusted Canada lists hotels and accommodations differently than anyone else.   We want the consumer to be able to choose a hotel from an area rather than just a specific city or town.   In this way, travellers have more options to choose from and get their best deal.  They also have the option to see what is available in a section of a province all in one click so that they can see the highest-rated hotel, depending on the subscription type of the business.  The consumer can also search for specific amenities they want and even see the review sites for their best deal.


Consumers search for hotels just like any other business type.  They search for a business name, city, province or phone number. Our system allows the consumer to search only with the last four digits of a phone number.

As a hotel owner, you can expand your basic profile and add extra PDFs, YouTube videos, and pictures of your accommodation.  You can also add your discounts, promotions and that you are hiring staff.  As we automatically link to numerous review sites, your history with consumers is already known.

Make your decision before your competition chooses before you.

See all the subscription types available for your business.

The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The company may also be archived.
See When We Archive a Business.


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