Premium Subscriptions Increase Views

Premium subscriptions increase views automatically because they offer higher placement in our database, increased subcategories, increased trade areas and other options such as pictures, videos and PDF uploads. 

Our highest subscription level is the Professional subscription. This subscription is just $599 per year in the four major provinces of Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta.  The subscription level is reduced to $499 per year for all the remaining provinces. 

The business has access to place their business in up to 20 cities or towns closest to their physical location and up to 60 subcategories.  Add your logo, pictures and videos as well as links to all your social media.  This is the best choice for the business seeking to compete with the competition. 

Your subscription gives you the ability to place links to your affiliations, and key parts of your website that will automatically shorten in the live presentation.  This develops into a presentation that easily allows the business owner to show how they are different from their competition. 

Premium subscriptions have our expertise in ensuring that their listing is fully maximized at no charge to the business owner. This saves the business owner time and money and gets them up and running immediately. The consultation is free.  All you have to do is request it.  See the video. 


Business owners can increase views almost automatically by linking their Safe and Trusted Profile to their website at any subscription level. This alone could add hundreds of views to your profile and magnifies your total presentation possibilities.  The following video explains how to do this for your business easily at any subscription level. 


Premium subscriptions may also get more leads and requests for quotes.  The platform we have allows consumers to request quotes from up to 10 businesses they choose.  The request is sent to our admin staff and reviewed by our admin staff before we send it out.  Some businesses have straight upfront prices and as a result, we will not send requests to those business categories.  See the video.


At Safe and Trusted Canada, the business owner controls all reviews' posting but does not control the review score.  Please do not give yourself reviews or ask your marketing agent to give you positive reviews because that is fraudulent and against our site policies.  Send your profile to your customers and ask for a review.  As an example, as a contractor, you could even use our system to get a review at any time during a project.  This will also increase your total number of views.  See how our review system works. 


For those that worry about Safe and Trusted Canada clicking onto your listing to produce more views, then please do not apply.  We are interested in you being successful as a business and not simply selling you something.   Your website analytics will reinforce the truth.  See the tutorial.

See how views are calculated.  


The Site automatically reduces the subscription to an Information Only profile should the subscription be cancelled.  The company may also be archived.  See When We Archive a Business.


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