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Safe and Trusted Canada believes in business owners.  You are entrepreneurs and economic engine of Canada. 

You are concerned about the future of your business, your bottom line, and your people which include you, your staff, and your clients.

Safe and Trusted Canada is a system. 

Our system works for legitimate businesses and will not work for you if you do not have the basics of business.  This includes your advertised displayed name registration in your province as well as municipal licensing. 

As a business, you need an account.  Your business account may be limited or discontinued dependent on your business credentials.   

If you have the credentials for a legitimate business or contractor, this is how it will work for you. 


The following tutorial explains how the content management system works. 

Shows you how to add content, categories, trade areas  and more.

You will use your email address as your username.   We do not send passwords through email.  Each user sets their password known to them. The following screenshots explain the process in the first two links. More than one email address can manage an account if approved by the owner of the business.  Only the owner can give that approval.   See Link.
Change Your Password and Access your Account with Video

Safe and Trusted Canada understands that every business owner worries about being in a business directory that may impact their business. There is no risk to a business owner with our Site. See the link. No Risk to the Legitimate Business Owner Safe and Trusted Canada allows a business to ask for archival at any time.  When Do We Archive a Business?  

The only exception to archival is where a business places fraudulent content through their account access.  See Alerts

As a business, you have access to several different subscription options.  We provide the Basic Subscription at no cost to the business. As a business, you should explore the other option types.  What Are the Subscription Types?

Consumers use the credentials filters to search for businesses.
 How Does Our Credentials Platform Works with Account Access?  

The Site advises consumers to look for the most credentials.
What Business Credentials Should Consumers Consider?

Our review process is different, and we include links to Other Review Sites.
Our Reviews and Links to Other Review Sites.

To leave no doubt, we do not recommend, accredit or validate any business. 
We Automatically Place This Content in Every Business Profile

Premium Subscriptions have the ability for more categories.  Here is the information you need to decide.  Premium accounts have more categories but are restricted to what you do as a business rather than what you contract out to others.   What is a Category?
What are Category Limitations?

Premium Subscriptions have access to more trade areas. This ranges from 5 to 20 and can really augment your overall presence on the Site.  What is a Region or Trade Area?  

Premium Subscriptions can lower costs through referral of other businesses.  We give you referral credits to your next renewal. Our Referral Program

Premium Subscriptions is positioned higher in our database.  A professional account is our highest subscription level. Business Order of Display

Premium Subscriptions can add the option of custom video.  See the examples. Account Holders Can Add Optional Custom Video.

Premium Subscriptions can get more leads through consumer equote. The professional account may be selected first because we allow the consumer to select only 10 businesses. What is Consumer Equote?

Premium Subscriptions have access to more marketing tools such as video, images, PDF uploads and much more. See Features and Benefits

Premium Subscriptions have guaranteed views.  Every View is Measured for the Business Owner   See the guaranteed views.  Guaranteed Views

Premium Subscriptions have discount and promotions options as well as now hiring fields that automatically can be searched from the home page of the website. 

See our Terms and Conditions of Use

See our Legal Disclaimers and Policies

See our Privacy Page


Please Note That We Place the Following Content Into Every Profile.

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